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Since 2007, the Jamtal Training Center has served as the instructional hub for active and aspiring mountain rescuers.
The cabin has been continuously modernized and makes possible implementation of courses which are state of the art technology. There are certainly few mountains cabins anywhere which have a fiber optic cable that leads into the classroom. Since 2014, all visitors can take advantage of the extremely fast WLAN (WiFi) connections.

A perfect environment has also been established around the cabin for training whether it be for rescuing someone from a faulty cable car, a steep face or the gorge of a wild stream. All scenarios can be acted out only a stone’s throw from the cabin. Also nearby is the Silvretta Alps with its 3,000 meter (9,842 feet) peaks and mighty glaciers…
The cabin was built and utilized as the former ``High Mountains" School""for customs officials. It is presently the heart of training activities for the Mountain Rescue Tirol.

Both houses look back to a turbulent history. During the Nazi era many individuals from its regime who were being persecuted and pursued, managed to escape to Switzerland. They were assisted by local mountain guides who because of their local knowledge were excellent facilitators to help them escape. The leadership of the customs officials reacted to this situation by building a ``High Mountains" School"" which was completed in 1941. At that time upwards of 40 military equipped customs officials were serving.

After the war, customs officials from all over Austria underwent 14-day courses during the winter and summer months in Jamtal. Along with innumerable amusing anecdotes, former trainers recall many delicate situations; for example, being cutoff from the outside world for a week due to weather conditions.

Finally, the mountain rescue thanks to the support of the State of Tirol was able to vigorously invest in the training center. The last chapter of this story for the moment was the ceremonial opening of the cabin in July 2007.
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A very satisfying job.
As a mountain rescuer I can combine my love and passion for the mountains with a great activity. Eva-Maria S.
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